Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Work in Progress - Journey Scarf

The scarf pattern that I choose to work on for my friend comes from the website. It's a wonderfully delicate scarf pattern created by Kim Guzman called "Journey Scarf." As you can see, I haven't progressed very far in these past few weeks. The motifs are so pretty and easy to make. Kim gives excellent instructions. If all I had to do was crochet motifs, we'd probably have a hundred scattered all over the house by now. But the joining has been my downfall. The motifs are meant to be joined as you go. I tried to interpret the instructions several different ways, but it just was beyond my skill level. Finally, I contacted Kim Guzman at her website. She was very gracious and kind and pointed me to a video that explained this method of joining. Seeing a similar technique was very helpful and I have sort of developed my own way to progress. But I have to really think about it every time; thus the slow progression. I hope it turns out even half as beautiful as Kim's.


  1. That's beautiful! I finally figured out the flat-braid join and love it. I watched one video on the 'join as you go' and think I'll sit that one out.

    Your scarf is gorgeous, I love that vibrant blue.

    Thanks for playing along on WIP Wednesday!

  2. Your WIP is lovely! Is Naturally Caron something new? Always loved the Caron yarns. Isn't the internet world full of wonderful, helpful people! Love that. xo,

  3. I only began crocheting after coming overseas; so I am not familiar with yarn brands. But this site is absolutely wonderful and their yarns are lovely.


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