Sunday, February 14, 2010

This Is It!

I'm so excited. This is the day I get to draw and find out who receives my One World One Heart Giveaway. I wish it could be each one of you who have dropped by for a visit and left such kind words behind. It has also been great fun returning visits and seeing all of the friendship, creativity, artistry, and uniqueness that lies out there in the international community of bloggers. I will be taking time in the next weeks and months to revisit you at a slower and more savoring pace. Originally I had intended to use a random number generator to pick the winner, but then I felt I might like to do something more personal. So I have collected the name or identifying information from each comment and placed it in my son's magic top hat.....With pink blindfold in place, my youngest reaches in and pulls out a name...

And the Winner is:

Btw.... There were 179 entries altogether including Alice who left a post on my doll blog and HereBeDragons who chimed in just after 12 (duplicate responders were included only once and there were two of these).

1 comment:

  1. So, so excited to be the winner! :)

    Loving your cat on your header, I have one that looks exactly the same.


Thank you for your comments. They help me feel that I am some how connected out here in Blogland and not just writing to the air.


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