Friday, February 26, 2010


Okay, you know all that feeling stuff yesterday... well, today I don't want it. I'm thrilled for all of my boys to be going off on a youth adventure this weekend, but the apartment sure feels lonely all of a sudden.
*rubbing my eyes* Wait, that's not them. We don't even live there anymore.

Where does the time go?

At least Rusty (the reddish, wookie-looking one) is coming for a stay. Otherwise MeiMei and I would be quite Forlorn (whoops F was the letter yesterday). Thanks to everyone for all their kind visits and heart-felt comments. I am really enjoying the friendly, creative people I am getting to meet at my place and traipsing through Blogland.


  1. Those are three handsome young men you've got there. Happy you'll have critter company this weekend. Relax and enjoy and the boys will be back before you know it! xo,

  2. Having them grow up is tough. It is crazy how quickly the time goes. Here's a little wish that the lonely isn't too bad today!

  3. Your sons are all very handsome! Yes, they do grow up and go on their own one day but hopefully they will give you some beautiful daughters-in-laws and grandchildren one day in the future...the cycle continues :-)


Thank you for your comments. They help me feel that I am some how connected out here in Blogland and not just writing to the air.


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