Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Out My Window

Last weekend we took our two younger boys the seven hour drive (one way) to camp. After dropping them off and a final unconcerned, "Okay... bye Mom," we started for home.

Our trip took us through some of the most beautiful countryside in the province and as I had our new camera and lots of time on my hands, I began to take photos out my passenger-side window.

I wish I had kept track of the number of tunnels. A necessity to mountain highways.

Villages are often tucked on hillsides or beside lakes or rivers close to the road which came along long after they had been established.

Before the highway existed these roads were mere paths and grazing areas. It's a memory that's hard to let go of.

Horse carts are no longer allowed inside big cities, but still come in handy other places.

Can you see the gravestones? Typically they rest on the hills or mountainside near a village.

Remember this is the equivalent of interstate.

The weather was so changeable. One minute dark and overcast, raindrops spotting the windshield, and the next beautiful blue skies breaking through glorious white fluffs of cloud. This is currently the "rainy season."

Gorgeous green fields. Mostly rice, but also corn and other vegetables. Some times tobacco.

Wait... Stop... Go Slow... Caution Cow Crossing?

I think someone got a little separated from the rest of the herd.

Blue Skies

Sorry for being so photo heavy. If you only knew how many pictures I took. I hope you have enjoyed the scenery as much as I did!


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