Friday, February 3, 2012


I keep forgetting what the "K" word was that I had thought of for Alphabe-Thursday. In fact, for me, this is a common occurrence.  I seem to have some trouble remembering.  I want so much to be able to capture common days and memorable experiences from my past... to keep laughter, love, and shared histories alive.  But I really struggle in this area.

In addition, I just finished a book which I enjoyed reading immensely. And I'm feeling a little low because it's over.  I wanted it to continue or at least for me to be able to linger a little longer among its ideas and pages.  The first chapter of the book focuses on the little things of every day life and how they are not meant just to be borne with, but actually make "up the texture of (our) lives and (give our) existence its savor." (a jane austen education by william deresiewicz)

This reminds me of a graphic I saw recently on Pinterest...

I wish I could tell you more about who created this, but all I have is the link on sayingimages.

Little acts of kindness... Hey... Kindness... that's a great "K" word.

I'm a little late this week and so not linking up. But you can find some wonderful "K" posts here.


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