Thursday, February 25, 2010

F is for Feel

Jenny Matlock

I've tried out several different F topics in my mind (including the word "Far," since I live so far from the place I grew up and family & friends I have there); but none of my attempts have Felt quite like me.

Some other possibilities have included:

"Fireflies" - which evoked images of velvet summer nights and bare feet dancing across the grassy expanse of yard in pursuit of tiny twinklings of light.

I also considered "Frost" - thinking of crisp Fall mornings and boots crunching down on stiff frozen blades of grass (and scraping the ice off the car windshield in order to drive to school or work).

This great picture below, which was a freebie from iStockphoto (if you have an account), tempted me to write a post on "Frogs" or maybe even frogs waiting to be kissed and transformed in to princes. I am an ardent fan of fairy-tales and meanderings in the land of fantasy.

**Spoiler: If you've never read "Rose in Bloom" by Louisa May Alcott (and you should; but read "Eight Cousins" first, as it tells the beginning of the story); you should skip this section between the double asterisks.

One of my favorite stories along this theme is illustrated below. Rose suddenly finds that her all too familiar frog has turned in to a first rate prince without her realizing it.**
This illustration by Clara M. Burd from The John C Winston Company of Philadelphia 1933 copy of "Rose in Bloom" by Louisa May Alcott is still under copyright and therefore may not be sold or used for personal crafting or artwork. I'm sorry.

But as I mentioned earlier, even this didn't Feel quite right... quite like what I wanted to capture in my post. Some times I wonder if I even really know what "me" Feels like on any given day. I guess my heart knows; but why be so emotional and vacillating instead of firmly fixing my thoughts in the concrete reality of "just the facts?" Would it be as much fun? Doubtful.

Alphabe-Thursday is hosted by Jenny Matlock of "off on my tangent," you can find other fun F posts here.


  1. Excellent F.....and I adore your blog header!!!!

  2. I decided the best way to approach Alphabet Thursday, is to just be spontaneous in thought, that way you make it FUN!!~ This was a great post, and very well written indeed!!~

  3. I FIND that your post makes me FEEL FABULOUS! Happy Alphabe-Thursday!

  4. What a fantastic collection of 'F's'!
    When I was a girl I read all of the Louia May Alcott books. Do you remember An Old Fashioned Girl?

  5. A fetching and fabulous post. Love the illustration and the frog photo!

    Frogophobia! (ranidaphobia)...
    I was thinking what if F makes someone write a post with one...BUT my beloved said it is winter...go ahead, you'll be fine! lol

    but i "F"orgive you......LOL LOL :)

    oh my...creepie crawlie...blech...

  7. i love that story...louisa may alcott is as treasure! great post.

  8. I think you think like me....I am a pre-k teacher and I am sure that I have ADHD and it is further fueled by coffee! My brain is working all the time and sometimes it just hops and skips around kinda like your post! I LOVE IT!

  9. What an absolutely beautiful blog. I am a new follower! I'm so glad you came to Alphabe-Thursday!

    I think I know what you mean...sometimes what we want to say just doesn't flow like it should.

    I do that often when I am writing my blog.

    I start out with one serious intent but my emotion go a different way...and I just let them.

    When it isn't right for me I struggle with each sentence.

    And when it is ... all the sudden the post is just there!

    I think you and I are firefly kindred spirits. You will have to read my post!

    A+ for a Fabulous Alphabe-Thursday post.

    Thank you.

  10. It is a Fantastic post, and I Feel right to be here..

  11. Sometimes its hard to choose one word. I say the more words the merrier ;-) Great post.

  12. Such heart-felt, friendly comments. You encourage and bless me. Thank you. And I will try to take Debbie, Jenny, & Viki's helpful advice and make it fun, let the words flow, and not worry about too many or too few. To The Muse... Auugh! I didn't even know there was an actual scientific term for frog phobia. Hope I didn't give you nightmares. And to the Alcott lovers. I do have "An Old Fashioned Girl" and some other of her wonderful, lovely stories. I hope to post on them some time in the future.

  13. very creative indeed! love the Frog! They must be so aFraid of us when we are holding them! My son and I love Finding them but he reFuses to hold I do!

  14. I"m new to Jenny's Alphabet thing and love how there are so many of you doing it! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'll be following you around too, love your blog!


  15. Wonderful post for F. I hate it when I hit blogger block. Alphabe-Thursday has helped alot, I've just kind of grabbed the first thing that pops into my head and run with it. So far, so good. But as of right now, I'm drawing a complete blank for G! Kathy

  16. Thanks for the sweet F blog. I absolutely loved Rose in Bloom and a young girl. I liked it even better than Alcott's more famous novels. I think I may just have to reread it. And isn't it Funny how are Frogs oFten turn out to be Fine princes?

  17. What an interesting blog you have Steph! I like your writings.

    Did you catch the PBS special about Louisa May Alcott a few months ago? It was very informative, and I was surprised by many aspects of her life. She wass a complex person ..but aren't we all?

  18. I love fairy tale stories too and LM Alcott were among my favorites!!


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