Thursday, July 15, 2010

Z is for Zàijiàn 再见

Zàijiàn 再见 is the Chinese word for good-bye, but literally means, "See you again."

I just wanted to say "Thank you." to Jenny Matlock for starting us on this amazing, Alphabetical Adventure; for being our biggest cheerleader and encourager; for challenging us to imagine & express; and giving the wonderful opportunity to meet and hear from such diverse, creative, incredible bloggers.

Zàijiàn 再见!


  1. "Zaijian"..."See you again ":o)

    I have not made it through all the wonderful alphabet assignments, so it seems that either you have been linking on as an odd number and I have tried to get through all the even numbers (and sadly have not completed as many as I would have hoped).

    I love reading all about your adventures and what you have to share of your life in China :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!

  2. Great picture of the Star Ferry at Victoria Harbour! I have such fond memories of Hong Kong! My family used to visit there when I was younger. So nice that you're there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wonderful post for z! See you in class soon again..

  4. Super ‘Z’ post – love the shot of HK & the Star Ferry. It's been great being able to read unusual posts like yours about your adventures in China over the past several weeks!

    Have a lovely weekend,

    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  5. Great ending for now. I've really liked learning so many things from you. I was lax last week though and didn't get through them all. See ya later.

  6. Oh, I knew you would have something wonderful to share. This is perfect. I've so enjoyed each of your posts. Love the idea of "see you again". ~ sarah

  7. I have had a great time reading all my "classmates" posts :) Some take us to gardens some to far off adventures... !
    The alpha meme has been fun, for certain ~ I really love the farewell you have given the last 26 weeks!

    come visit when you can my z post is The OFlannery Boys :)

  8. PS How long have you been in China? :)

  9. Oh what a wonderful ending for this round of Alphabe-Thursday's Letter "Z".

    It has truly been a wonderful time...I've learned, I've laughed, I've pondered, I've created, I've cooked and mostly, I've enjoyed the companionship of wonderful bloggers.

    Thank you for being part of this meme.

    And thank you for linking today with this sweet message.


  10. Oh, the Star Ferry, that view brings back memories. What a wonderful challenge it must have been. Now I have to browse backwards and read your posts.

    Have a lovely day.


  11. Hi Steph, great that you did the whole alphabe trip. I was too busy to end it and my computer was also out of order for more that 2 weeks.

  12. 'zaijian' will be the best 'z' word of all!
    i have so enjoyed these chinese lessons
    and your gorgeous photos!

    i have so missed your blog. it has not
    shown up on my blog feed when i check
    it . . .of course, i haven't checked very
    well with so many visits to the mountains!


  13. Where are you Steph? Everything is going okay?


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