Wednesday, March 24, 2010

J - Just for Fun

Jenny Matlock

This Alphabe-Thursday is featuring the letter J as in Just. I don't mean the glorious adjective relating to all that is honorable and fair (though this is a great word), but "just" in the adverbial way.

I am promoting the usefulness and effectivity of the modifier "just." For example:

Just because...

(you're you)

Which is closely related to the wonderfully precious, "Just because I love you."

How about, "You look just the same." A thoughtful lie which I am happy to receive on any occasion in this season of my life.

And "just in time." Evidently the preferred arrival schedule of wizards in Middle Earth. But also relating to each individual's own life scrapes and circumstances, and especially nice when having to do with love....

No more doubt of fear I've found my way
For love came just in time
You've found me just in time
And changed my lonely nights that lucky day

Just in time

Just in Time
melody written by Jule Styne and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. You can hear a bit of this 1956 song made popular by Tony Bennett here, rerecorded as a duet with Michael Bublé (Duets: An American Classic, 2006).

There's "just a minute" (which conveniently means an undetermined amount of time, especially when spoken by a teenager involved in video gaming or an adult on a computer).

The ever popular silent, grumpy day response in our home.... "I'm just tired."

And the usually fun, though at times borderline, "just kidding."

So if you read through this blog and think I'm crazy to be participating in 3 Memes on Thursdays, remember that it's all... Just for Fun.

Speaking of "just for fun," I first encountered this on Facebook...

Jedi... another great J word!

Alphabe-Thursday is hosted by Jenny at on my tangent... Jump over and check out the other J posts here.

The other 2 Memes I am participating in are Thankful Thursday & Paint With Me.

Love image Noël Zia Lee
Bouquet of Roses image georgereyes
Time passes image CarbonNYC
Automatic doors image Valley Library (Oregon State University)
All images from Flickr Creative Commons. Automatic doors has been altered by me. If you would like to use any of these images please click the links above to see attribution requirements.


  1. ok, just stop!

    i came all the way to asia just
    because you said the word
    'immensely' in a comment.

    that word just isn't used very

    just giving up now,

  2. Dear Lea, You're fun! I don't even remember using immensely anywhere. I'm coming for a visit.

  3. HEY, we're JUST in the same mind frame this week, only we're JUST a bit different...
    Love all your JUST things!

  4. This is one of my favorites this week because it's clever and creative! Cudos!!

  5. What a fun post Steph! Glad you got a kick out of the jazz post. It's great to discover new forms of music. One thing that was never played in our house was opera, and I'm "just" now discovering how much I enjoy it! Love the puppy picture - too sweet. Kathy

  6. What a clever J word. Great way you used the word just. Loved the baby picture.

  7. Jedi! haha That's really true, actually!

    Great post!

  8. What a fun post! Love all the J's.

  9. :-) There is also the "just you wait!"... followed by Henry Higgins..... OR .... Until your father gets home.

  10. I do like your adverbial J post . I'm not just kidding .

  11. I am commenting, not because I have, "just" because I want to:-) So crafty there my dear..."just", a word infused into our language like no other...super idea! Thanks for your visit to my corner...Peace...Jiffy jeff

  12. Fun J post :) ... love the photos!

  13. Ohhh Garden of Daisies... I forgot about that just. :) It's a good one.

    I just love reading all of your comments. It's just so fun having you stop by.

  14. This was just an amazing J day post!

    It made me smile.

    It made me think.

    And it made me give you an A+

    You're cool.

  15. Just - that was one word I was going to use but change my mind

    and isn't it odd that you can "just" to anything it easily sounds like some casual phrase? okay, not everything, I'm just saying...

  16. i need the skills of a jedi to navigate most automatic doors. wonderful j post!

  17. I JUST learnt about how to use just!

    I'm going to post about typical Japanese day-life or curlture and thought.Pls come over whenever you want

  18. the jedi door cracked me up :D

  19. Well, this is JUST a charming post! Great job. The jedi door was funny, and this was a totally fun lesson for the letter j.

  20. I LOVE the dog photo!!!!!!!!!

  21. Just had to let you know how much I enjoyed your J post and also the Thankful post too.
    Another great song lyric is
    "you just call out my name, and you know wherever I am, I'll come running, to see you again"
    See you next Thursday.

  22. I JUST absolutely thought your "J" post was JUST wonderful!

    As I was reading...I thought "aw!"...and found that I chuckled... and nodding my head in agreement...

    Blessings & Aloha!


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