Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday - #s 31-40

My special blog friend Nana of NC pointed out that my "Best Things in Life" post was much like a "Thankful Thursday"only a few days too early. So there may be some overlap here as I continue to try and cultivate a thankful heart.

I am thankful:

31. especially this time of year, that the boys attend an international school; thereby receiving the best of both worlds.... Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays!

32. that, for the first time in 13yrs, we are not traveling out of the country during Chinese New Year.

33. for a husband who washes dishes and does laundry.

34. for an e-mail from my Mother this week. She has such a precious heart & deep care for me and for others. I love the way she keeps me up to date on daily life news - the goings on of she and my Dad, the rest of the family, and long time friends. My love for beauty is a gift from her.

35. Even though I have said that I am disappointed to miss the big snows in my home state this year, I am thankful for our lovely spring-like days full of sunshine.

36. for domestic appliances: my hand mixer, bread machine, and waffle iron. (We had waffles for dinner Monday night, with homemade maple syrup.)

37. for a bakery in town which makes delicious bagels.

38. for the writings of Elizabeth Gaskell.

39. for our sweet poodle, MeiMei.
When we returned to China, leaving our dear cats behind, one of our big priorities was to find another pet to be a part of our lives. We also had some pretty specific requirements because of allergies in the family. The problem was that, at that time, any breed of dog other than cute, fluffy, fur shedding Shih-tzus were difficult to find. My husband and I went out to look again and again always returning home tired and discouraged. Finally, we found her - petite and precious. She sat in my lap on the ride home, and we tucked her under dad's shirt upon arrival saying that someone new had come to stay with us for a long time. She is a parvo survivor (which we think may have stunted her growth). And her front legs are shorter than her back, causing her to continually walk downhill. But her outlook is happy, she jumps like a child on a pogo stick, and has been the dearest companion to me.

40. for the many new warm, friendly, and talented bloggers I have met through OWOH. Also, even if we were already friends in Blogland, please be sure to comment on my "One World One Heart" post if you would like to be included in that drawing. I would love to share it with you.

Thankful Thursday is hosted by Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses.


  1. Hi Steph, MeiMei is precious! Thank you for adding domestic appliances to your thankful list. I hadn't thought of it, but there are SO appreciated! xo,

  2. Hi Steph
    I can hear your very thankful heart in this post. Your litle puppy is very cute. I'll go and sign up for your OWOH giveaway right now.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  3. What lovely things you are thankful for, and I know how much bagels are worth when you live in China! Domestic appliances...I learned all about rice cookers there, we still use ours all the time, and when friends come over they ask me what it is. How can we live without rice cookers?

  4. Rice cookers are a China necessity :).

  5. Hi Steph
    I hope you'll join me for thankful Thursday again tomorrow!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  6. thank you for sharing your Thanfulness - It reminds me what I need to remember! thank you

  7. your MeiMei is adorable.

    I love your list of the things you are thankful for. Thanks for reminding me to be thankful for my mixer.


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