Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday - #s 51-60

Thursday is almost over in Asia, and I find myself still needing to stop and offer words of genuine thankfulness.

I am thankful:

that the back and leg pain I was experiencing earlier in the week is mostly gone.

for this past Sunday spent worshiping with two other ex-pat families, sharing the traditional New Year's day meal - jiǎozi 饺子 (Chinese dumplings), and watching "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" (it was Valentine's Day after all).

that we live in a country where teenage boys can legally use potato canons to send fireworks soaring miles high to burst in brilliant color against the dark night sky.

that I actually won a "One World One Heart" giveaway. Geni from Loose Ends is mailing me a wonderful gift of hand-dyed cloth and other material & dainty accessories. How fun!

that it's been quite some time since we've experienced a serious autism melt-down.

for teenage sons that are willing to give their time, attention, and energy to playing with young children.

for a sense of humor, when I have one :) .

for a warm comforter on a cold day.

for my husband's homemade chili.

for a cute, faithful poodle.

Thankful Thursday is hosted by Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses.


  1. Steph, your thank you's are always so sweet. Understand winning a giveaway, an autism meltdown, and husbands chili. Bless you. xo,

  2. Hi, Happy Chinese New Year. I remember I loved going to the flower market on Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. I should send you something I painted years ago on Chinese New Year. I will peek around for your e-mail address.

    Have a lovely day. Being thankful always lifts the spirit.

  3. It does lift the spirits, as do both of you. Karen, I love your Hong Kong water colors. Both are so bright and cheerful.


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