Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Heart Travels


i came in search of an entertaining synthesis of commercialism and ancient tile-roofed palaces
of rainbow-color-saturated markets and vibrant neon signs
tongue tantalizing fermented spice
and slippered feet tucked under child-sized tables in elegant sparse rooms
but in your mountainous heart i found a wide gaping wound
i stumbled unexpectedly over my history
and grieved for brave faces and valiant lines lost
how can wholeness be
when your right hand scavenges for food and your left bare foot is swollen and bruised
when your grandfather sleeps in a lonely, unfamiliar grave
and your grandmother overtaxes her memories and dreams to imagine your face
when the great divide does not mean
a barrier between you and your enemy
but a tourniquet strategically applied near your heart
may this horrific disease never spread and consume you
may the warmth of true, unforgetful love
and a miracle do
what only a miracle can
rescue your suffering members
restore you... whole.


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