Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Work in Progress - Beginnings

Look what I made! I know this motif is probably not all that impressive to those of you who really know what you're doing, but I was just so proud of myself for figuring out how to read the pattern. Only 28 more (and a lot of chain stitches) to go. I'll post more about this pattern as I hopefully progress. (Aren't the towels my friend embroidered for me sweet?)

I have also been attempting to learn to make hearts, but they don't seem to be coming out quite right. Any suggestions?


  1. You did great! I'm much more of a 'back and forth' kinda gal and always had trouble working in rounds of anything. I can do a few simple grannies now but beyond that I'm hopeless.

    Thanks for playing along on WIP Wednesday!

  2. I'm here from the magic carpet ride and I'd say you are doing wonderful work. I have no idea how to make anything like what you have made. What fun.



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