Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Night Movie

While trying to figure out a movie that the teenage boys and I could watch and enjoy, we came up with "That Thing You Do." Music and humor are definitely age and gender transcenders; especially when the story line follows that of a small town band's rise from obscurity to fame (every guy's secret dream). For my part, I love the 60's style rock-n-roll, the subtle romance, and overall retro look of the film. My vintage-loving eyes soak up the details of each scene, and it still amazes me that they could recreate the world of 50 years ago. Anyway, I fixed some retro popcorn (the kind you make in a pot with oil) and we spent a fun evening hanging out together. If you haven't watched this movie in a while, it's worth pulling out and enjoying again.

Parental guidance: some bad language, alcohol misusage, and mild sexual inferences
Would not recommend the newer rerelease that includes deleted scenes that deserved to be deleted.

You can also check out the review at Plugged In Online.


  1. Hi Steph,
    Oh, I just finished writing a post on my For The Love of Old Books blog and then I popped on A Scrapbook of Inspiration to find your comment. I came over and browsed your blogs. You really are a kindred spirit, I lived in Hong Kong for five years and love everything about China. Because of your love of old dolls you would have loved to have met a very famous doll maker in Hong Kong when I lived there. He created amazing dolls and passed away around 1996. He was right next to me at a Christmas Fair I was participating in at the Furama Hotel. I always regret not having met him.

    So nice to meet you.


  2. Oh Karen! I think I know exactly who you mean... Michael Lee. I too wish I had been able to meet him. I have gleaned bits of information about him from various websites and own a few of his dolls. Isn't Hong Kong special? I have never lived there, but have explored the city many times. I'm so glad to make a new friend who shares a similar heart.



Thank you for your comments. They help me feel that I am some how connected out here in Blogland and not just writing to the air.


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