Monday, March 22, 2010

How do i begin...... Creatively

i am waking...

blinking, stretching, and looking around the world with interest after a season of semi-hibernation. There are so many things that I want to learn about and try, but I don't know where to begin. I am also a little afraid; and don't want to plunge in, waste a lot of money (and probably time), and just end up with a lot more piles of accumulated mess scattered around our home.

These are my current curiosities:

ball-joint dolls
making a cloth doll
digital collaging

These are some of my questions:

How do i get started? (i mean the very beginning - don't assume i know anything - because i really don't)
What supplies do i need?
What resources are there?
How can i find community?

These are some of my parameters:

*finances are an issue; so frugality is a must
*there are no craft or hobby stores within my city
*also no garage sales, flea markets, or Goodwill
*no used English book stores (or anything in English for that matter)
*there are material markets and basic hardware and paint stores and small yarn and cross-stitch stores (cross-stitch has become very popular here in the last five or so years)
*there are some small basic art supplies stores near college street

As far as i can tell, most of these forms of creative expression have just not taken off in my city yet. i would love to find someone online, as well as someone right here where i live, to share these interests and pursuits with.

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to share your wisdom, experience, and passion; thereby pushing a little fledgling dreamer out of the nest and into the big world of creative discovery.

Tell me the truth, "Am i overstepping my resources and abilities?"

Thank you to foxypar4 at Flickr Creative Commons for the cute Fledgling photo.


  1. Your new blog design is beautiful!

    Since you're already have internet, I think digital collage, writing, and drawing would be best, and you don't have to spend any money to start out.

  2. Hi Steph, don't know that I can help you in your crafting endeavor, but I know you can do whatever you put your mind to. It's just taking the first step. Adore the little bird photo too. xo,

  3. Thanks so much you two. You're sweet and I appreciate your advice.

    Mumsy, do you know how I would begin with digital collage? Is there a program you could recommend?

  4. Steph,
    Have you already listed those as interests in your blog profile? If not, do so, then click on each one and it should bring up a list of other bloggers worldwide who share your interest. Bloggers seem to be very generous with their craft knowledge.
    Look to see if there are any tutorials on youtube. I know that there are some for learning to crochet, for example.
    You can purchase used "how to" books from Amazon for very little, and they would ship to you.

  5. Oh,those are great ideas. I'm going to edit my profile now....

  6. The library-- if you can figure out how to request arty books, even if you can't read the language, you can read the pics.

    The internet--lots of ideas, tutorials, etc.

    Your trash--newspapers, phone books, cereal boxes, can labels, candy wrappers--all these can be art supplies.

    Don't get rid of your old clothing--cut it up and use it for an art project.

    From the hardware store--pints of acrylic paints. If they have colors that were mixed incorrectly, they may have them marked quite a bit cheaper.

    Well, Katie, I hope that might help you some?
    Best wishes on your artistic adventures!

  7. Trisha, what great ideas! They get me excited to start collecting and creating. Thank you! And a confession... actually Katie was the name of my sweet kitty.

  8. I think the first thing will be to chose one thing otherwise it'll probably overwhelm you. there are so many many tuto's that you can find on internet. You can brows days without starting . It only may confuse more. I think you have to think what material you like most. Should it be fabric, or yarn, are you most inspired by colors. Think about that first. I know a very symphatic blog about crochet. When you see her work and the colors she uses , it makes you happy.
    If you are interested tell me....
    I hope this can help you.

  9. Baukje, Thank you for your wise words. I do just want to do it all; but I need to find my way a project or skill at a time. I AM the type that could be distracted looking all over the internet and then never plunge in. Please do share the crochet blog with me. I have already made a little beginning in this area and I would love to see it.

  10. It sounds like you have a wide variety of interests! I can only crochet a basic chain stitch, but I am sure there are websites to help you learn. I hope you can find someone near you to show you how to crochet or knit, that is how I learn best, by having someone show me. I am sorry to say I know nothing about doll making. Digital collage would be lots of fun if you could get someone to explain it to you! It sounds like the ladies gave you some good resources to begin with. Thank goodness for the internet! Have a wonderful day and good luck with your new endeavors!

  11. Thank you Sares! I can't wait for more updates on your and your family's latest endeavors.

  12. Here is the crochet blog, I love to visit her....


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