Thursday, March 4, 2010

About the Kitty

So many people have commented on or asked me about the kitty in my header. I have to confess that she is not mine. This wonderful picture came from iStockphoto and was taken by Makiwang (more from this photographer here).

When I created this blog, I especially wanted to memorialize our sweet Thai kitty, Katie. She had sleek black fur; sympathetic, golden eyes; and a mew which sounded practically human . You can find out more about the creation of this blog and Katie at these two earlier posts:


Flashback Friday - Katie 1999-2000

Unfortunately, none of the photos we took of her during our two years together were all that great. I chose the image above because it had an old-fashioned, romantic look; and (like Katie) this cat strikes me as one who could chase after some dreams.

Being a very visual, art loving person; iStockphoto is a sensory smorgasbord for me. (Also they offer a new free image each week.) I love having an account; although I would recommend searching for coupons or using the new user's discount when signing up.

So that's the story. The boys are concerned that our little poodle MeiMei is getting the shaft in this whole blog thing. So I will leave you with a picture of her.

MeiMei trying desperately to walk her friend Rusty. I wonder if this qualifies for Debbie's Fun Foto Friday?

As always thanks for stopping by. I love your visits.


  1. You bet it does, that is adorable! I wondered about that cat photo myself it was like artwork...beautiful! Thanks for linking up I do appreciate it:)

  2. Hi Steph!

    Thanks for explaining your header photo is a wonderful shot! I've browsed through iStockphoto before, and they do offer some spectacular photographs for sale, but since I take almost all my own photos I haven't had to use their service. Flickr now offers some free copyright free photos, so that is also a good source.

    Mei Mei is adorable!

  3. Those are adorable dogs! I think your photo speaks for itself, so playful!

  4. Pat, your photos are wonderful. One of my desires is to learn how to take such lovely pictures. Thanks for the information about Flickr. I have an account (mostly to look at other people's photos), but didn't realize about the free shots.

    Hope all of you have a lovely day.

  5. It's a beautiful pic. I had kitties years ago - now a great dog - but I wish I had better pictures of them so I could use them. Ah, before digital!
    Thanks for stopping by the other day!

  6. Mei Mei looks like she is pulling with all her tiny might! Your header picture is very cute, there are definitely some wonderful free images out there. Thanks for stopping by today for a visit and have a terrific weekend!


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