Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Picker Wannabe and Work in Progress Wednesday

Can you live in China and still be an American Picker Wannabe? Anyway, I was out looking at furniture with my friend yesterday; and we stopped into a used furniture market (think small shed like shops crowded with dirty kitchen supplies, press board end tables, and padded foam sofas). But occasionally there will be treasures. I've been looking for a desk and cabinet, but this little folding Chinese chess table below beckoned to me. I was hesitant to ask if it was for sale, because it was tucked behind the short metal stool where the vendor sat chatting with some other women. But then my puzzle working passion and desire for a temporary space for putting them together made me bold. It still needs to be cleaned up, but I think it's pretty fun. Now I need to keep an eye out for old wooden Chinese chess pieces.

You can find a true American Picker Wannabe here at Jenny Matlock's "... off on my tangent..."

I also began a new crocheting project yesterday. As you know, I really like the scarf I am working on; but it requires mental attentiveness to figure the pattern out. I wanted to do something more carefree; so I started this lovely shell afghan that Marie Anne mentioned in a recent post.

As you can see, I haven't progressed very far. I've never made anything this large; so it may take a while. But I'm sure having fun with it.

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  1. Oooh, nice find on that table. I like things that are 'different' too. Good luck on finding some chess pieces that will be perfect!

    I love the color you chose for the afghan, and glad you liked the pattern. So simple, yet pretty.

    Thanks for playing along on WIP Wednesday!


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