Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Autism Meltdown 101:Chemistry and Algebra II

Did you know that my son does not get paid to go to school? And he finds nothing useful for life in Chemistry and Algebra II (in fact, he hates them... tonight). This means that he must complain and rail at the world to me. How does it make me feel?.... Like crying.

Asperger's Characteristics demonstrated:
--"stuck in a rut" thinking (unable to see different options for solving his problem)
--lack of impulse control (in this case; saying inappropriate, unkind, hurtful things escalating in meanness and volume)
This appears as an overblown, irrational, destructive response due to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed, or displeased with.

* * * * *

On the wonderfully bright side... since my leaving the room, laying down on the bed, and thinking about these things; he has calmed down, recognized that there is nothing practical he can do tonight to help his situation, and apologized. Wow.... that's huge isn't it!

Also on another special note, here is one of my favorite songs that he has written, created, and produced. One of my greatest challenges -- and joys.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences and emotions relating to your son. I'm seeing them in an 11-yr old and am interested in how it will possibly be down the road. These sweet persons are so intelligent and talented, but stuck in a body with a mind that seems to fight them. As if life isn't difficult enough. xo,

  2. Though some times discouraged, I am often amazed.

  3. Oh, how difficult his must be and how fantastic that he , at the end, apologized. You see, he CAN LEARN from situations.......

  4. He can. Though I often lose sight of the growth and possibility for change in the heat of a situation. It's a good reminder.


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