Monday, March 15, 2010

How do you find the right side of the bed?

I was short with my children as I was getting them off to school this morning. In fact, I probably made them feel like they were a hassle to me; when really, they aren't. They are truly fantastic, well-behaved, fun boys. I guess it's kind of prophetic that I wrote a comment to Mumsy yesterday about my imperfections in parenting. Sounds like apology time.

The whole grumpiness thing began when the alarm clock sounded at 2am ( okay, maybe a little later, but it was still dark outside), and my body said, "You should not have to be getting up yet." I've been fighting a cold or allergies lately and feeling some what weary. Anyway, as I got out of bed, I looked over at my husband, still asleep; and scowled. Wouldn't it be nice if he was getting up instead of me.* Of course, in my heart of hearts, I don't believe he can move the boys through the morning routine in as calm and conscientious a way as I can. He just kind of leaves them be to (imagine this) wake up and wander around all on their own, taking responsibility for their own clothes, school stuff, time, etc. When my better half did finally appear in the living area, I gave him the all telling silent huff treatment. Haha... that will show him. (I'm not sure he actually had a clue.)

Okay, so now you've seen a little more of my dark side and probably better understand the necessity of the "No Whining" button on my sidebar. The funny thing is I kind of made a commitment yesterday with some other women to be looking to see how God would reveal himself to me daily this week. Can I go back to bed and try again?

*You know all I had to do was ask and he would be up in an instant taking care of things.


  1. Nice to meet you, Steph! Thanks for stopping by my "H" post. I will have to watch that movie. We've all those mornings, you just want to start over again! I've lived overseas, too, when my husband was in the military.

  2. I have those days too, Steph and then the guilt after the episode! Can we just pat ourselves on the back and say it's ok, will try again?

  3. Yes you can go back to bed and start again! Tomorrow is another day and you will have the opportunity to do your morning all over again.

    When those sweet boys get home from school, you can give them a big hug and tell them you are sorry for seeming a bit cross this morning. They were probably extra tired too this morning, so they sure will understand. And children are so loving and forgiving. Aren't we lucky to be parents?

  4. Thank you for showing your human side, Steph. Often you seem too sweet to be true. ;) I can't relate to the tea party Tuesdays or the white Wednesdays, but if someone sponsored a Whining Any Day, I would join! Ha!

    Your bedroom and bed look so inviting and cozy. What a lovely room! And why are you up at 2am???


  5. Thank you for all your kind words. It's nice to know others understand and can offer encouragement. Today was much better.

    btw It wasn't really 2am (even though it felt like it). It was more like 7. :)


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