Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday

This Thankful Thursday, I am grateful that my husband (who has been away traveling) and I got to spend a long, quiet day at home together. We looked just like this....
Well, not exactly; but we did have an uninterrupted hour sitting together on the couch, while I used my computer and he watched tv. Priceless.

When she's not enjoying Easter holidays with her family, you can share in "Thankful Thursdays" at Rhondi's Rose Colored Glasses.


  1. A day with loved ones is definately something to be thankful for. come check out what I am thankful for today.

  2. it is a great thing to be thankful for! I love it......

  3. You sound just like me with OH - me on laptop, him with TV - domestic bliss! Thanks for calling by the Ramblings earlier!


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