Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Something Silly ...

The Princess Sleeps

The parade went by
the mosses grew
infatuated couples said,"I do."

And still the princess sleeps.

Writers filled
the breadth of pages
sculptures came to life in stages.

And still the princess sleeps.

Children sang
and launched great fleets

while proud old men rose from their seats.

And still the princess sleeps.

Buildings crumbled
beneath the sun
the prime minister said the game was won.*

And still the princess sleeps.

Who can wake her from her drowsing
who will douse and see her rousing
what dark spell beneath her keeps
Keeps her locked in eternal sleeps

Could it be her will's own doing
A self-taught hex her mind keeps brewing

Maybe you should, her advise...
how she could this sweet life revive.

And still the princess sleeps.

The Marching Band by kevindooley
Propelled by Nicholas T
Writing at cross purposes by Muffet
Antwerp, Sculpture Hall by Martin Beek
Having fun in music class iStockphoto
Will they float? by jronaldlee
South Dakota by The U.S. Army
mediterraneo by bachmont
Sleeping beauty by net efekt

*To find out more about The Game (which we all just lost, by the way) click here. Particularly note under the list of rules, a variation on ending The Game.


  1. Oh that's a wonderful poem, Steph. The repetition of The princess sleeps keeping everything vivid..

  2. Lovely poem... I took the paper boats photo, I'm so glad you found it useful here.

  3. Mumsy, you are so very sweet.

    James, your photo is lovely. I was so thrilled to find it. Thank you. Your other pictures are really fantastic too. I like close-up photography and your perspectives and content are wonderful.

  4. Steph ...i just love your poem and the photos you chose to go with it are just perfecto!

  5. Hi Steph,

    Friday Fragments is a meme I found recently. I thought it's interesting to fit my friend's ranting post in. From what I understand, Friday Fragments is a place to jog down whatever thought you have, and you write it yourself. You can check out the info here:

    I hope this will answer your questions!


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