Saturday, June 19, 2010

What have I been doing?

Well, I guess I've just been doing life. We went away for our anniversary In May and I felt a real free-ness in not posting for this blog; so I thought I would just take a break for a while. In the mean time ... we saw three boys through the last few weeks of school and sent them off to camp. Tomorrow, they take the 8-11 hour (depending on the roads) bus ride back to us, we wash LOTS of laundry, and then head for the states. I can hardly believe it. Leaving on a jet plane in less than 48 hours....

Kitten Nap image by arbyreed.


  1. Enjoy your time at home in the States!!

  2. I wondered where you went off to ... and I'm glad to see you back ... have a wonderful time in the states!

  3. how long will you be in the states? i bet you
    are very excited. or will be after the laundry's


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