Thursday, January 19, 2012

I is for Ignite

Monday the 23rd of January 2012 will come in with a bang.  It is the first day of the Chinese New Year and at midnight New Year's Eve the sky will explode in a crescendo of whistles, pops, booms and color.  The fireworks and firecrackers will light the night and leave a lingering gray haze over the ground. And the fun has already begun.  Red tents are set up on every corner with fireworks for sale and the children in my neighborhood, off from school and reveling in the holiday atmosphere, have already begun to take good advantage of them. People have bought their plane, train,and bus tickets; all preparing for their yearly hiatus which leads them home. Roosters crow and chickens squawk from apartment balconies, dumpling flour is scarce on grocery store shelves, and glutinous rice for 八宝饭 (bābǎofàn or eight treasure rice pudding) is also in high demand. Round red lanterns hang from trees and light posts, and children anticipate the red money filled envelops that they will receive. Doors will be decorated and an overall festive mood hangs in the air.

 Fireworks' Tent

 Firecrackers in Rectangles and Rounds

Smoke Balls, Crackers and other "Mild" Fireworks

Buying.... One of my favorite fireworks are the ladybugs at the bottom left corner.

Lighting Bottle Rocks into the Pond

Welcome Chinese New Year of the Dragon!

I am linking to Jenny Matlock's Alphabe-Thursday.  Please check out other interesting "I" posts here.


  1. Your photos are fabulous and colorful!! What an exciting time! Due to the very dry weather, Tucson fireworks were very sparse on New Year's Eve, and my dogs didn't have to hide under the bed from the noise.

  2. oh i love those little red lanterns, they look so brilliant against the vegetation ... it sounds like a lot of fun is coming your way! Enjoy it all!!!

  3. They are so colorful to see, but I used to be very scare of those noises when I was little. I miss celebrate the New Year in my country. We had so much fun, and also received lucky money!

  4. Happy Chinese New Year Steph! Love all the red in your photos!

  5. I witnessed Chinese New Year in both Manchester and London. Great celebrations!!

  6. Happy New Year! I loved seeing all your photos! Eight treasure rice pudding looks interesting (I clicked on the link!). Perhaps I will try to make that.

  7. Oh wow, Steph! What fabulous pictures! Your captures are so crisp and clear! The lady bug fireworks look intriquing!

    Thanks for letting us tag along with the festivities.



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