Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can You Guess What This Will Be?

A few weeks back we had a dear, brave little house guest whom I will call Rose. She heard about a childrens' photography studio contest and decided she would like to participate. I told you she was brave.  At five years old, she made it to the third round (the very youngest of the top 8).  He mother was so sweet and kept asking her if she was sure she wanted to continue.  She loves attention and loves to perform and didn't know it was supposed to be a competition; so she was still having fun.  Anyway, her last round required a Trashion outfit.  Neither her mother nor I were quite sure what this was or where to begin; so we looked online and got some garbage bags plus a grocery tote I had from Carrefour, and Voila!...    Our little Rose Fairy.

This was her final day and she ended as happy as she had begun.

I am indebted to Dana at Bungalow56 for the reminder that I had these photos.  If you want to see a simply darling duck tape dress her daughter created, you can find the post here.

Hope your day is full of joy and creativity.


  1. omgosh, that is just too cute! great use of materials, it must have been fun putting it all together!

  2. I better not show this to the girls, as I'm sure they would want to give it a shot, and I'm not quite over the duct tape ensemble yet : ) So cute!



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