Monday, April 4, 2011

Going Downtown

I think I mentioned earlier that we are currently having some difficulty accessing the internet where we live; but I will try to post more regularly, as I can. Since I last wrote, my husband and I decided to purchase a nice camera and learn to use it together as a way to have special dates. Today we went to the shopping heart of our city, including one of several "Bird and Flower Markets." Here's what we shot along the way....

Bus Stop

Heading Downtown

My 14 year old took this sweet shot before he and his brother headed off on their own adventure.

Forgotten Lantern


Picking out a Turtle

Bamboo Hat

The Family Motorbike

Catching the Bus

Fashion Show

City Gate

Okay, so this wasn't the most artistic shot of the day. But we are excited to announce the intended opening of our first Starbucks in this city of 3 million.

Hope you have as lovely a spring day today as we have!


  1. Hi, happy to see you blogging. My blog is almost nonexistent now. Just wanted to say my son-in-law is a manager at a Starbucks store. Of course, here in America, the stores are everywhere and in some Target stores also. Blessings to you!

  2. Stepheny,

    I love this post; what a fascinating place you live in. I have to picking out the turtles, are we talking about pets, or dinner?

    Thanks for sharing the amazing place you live in!


  3. It's wonderful to get a glimpse into your life ... it is so different than mine ... you have some amazing shots there, i love the hat and turtles!!!

  4. Thanks so much ladies. You three are always such an encouragement to me. To answer Beth's question, these turtles are definitely pets. Though turtle and frog are both eaten here occasionally at very very special meals.

  5. Beautiful photographs! Keep them coming. So good to hear from you.....


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